Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conferences come and go ..

Conferences come and go and when it is held in an "exotic" location like Kosovo it is more likely that the audience do not find it exotic. The conference in Kosovo was part of a series of events that started with a conference in Vlora, Albania and culminated in a big conference in Kosovo.

The Kosovo conference was video taped.. The result is that presentations by people like Rob Savoye, Leon Shiman and Peter Salus are available to you on Kim Bruning presented about Wikipedia ..

Another recent conference was Europeana in Amsterdam. Its presentations were video taped as well. Several of the presentations can be found on things like slideshare. The presentations will be coming soon as well it is advertised.

Wikimania in Gdansk had its presentations taped but I wonder if and when they become available. It is really sad that these videos are not on line as many people were networking in stead of presentation hopping in the understanding that it would be possible to see them later.

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