Friday, October 15, 2010

#Mifos gets its core messages in

At we are busy introducing the Mifos core messages. It is quite exciting because a group of Mifos developers is making sure that any internationalisation issues are sorted out quickly. Normally they hang out in their own IRC channel, but now they can also be found in our channel.

The core messages are for the next release of Mifos and improved language support is one of the new features. This makes what is already a compelling offering for micro finance organisations much more useful. Many micro finance organisations use Mifos when they have outgrown using spreadsheets. Now that it becomes possible to use Mifos in their own language, it becomes that much easier to make the step to improved management.

As micro finance becomes better organised, more money becomes available to the people who need this. Mifos is open source software developed by the Grameen foundation. Its founder, Muhammad Yunus received the ultimate accolade, an appearance on the Simpsons, an ultimate accolade according to his daughter Deena.

There is plenty of scope for growth for microfinance, at this time it is not available for many of those who need this. Helping out with the localisation of Mifos is one way in which you can make a difference.

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