Friday, October 08, 2010

Super heroes, capes are optional

Creative Commons has recognised some people as their superheroes. Recognising people for doing a good job is worthwhile particularly when they lead by example.

In this list of super heroes, Gautam John features, the story is impressive. The only question I am left with is how does he possibly find the time to be part of the board of the new Indian chapter??

In the Wikimedia movement there are the barn stars, but apart from that we do not bestow much recognition on people. In the tradition of the barn star, I have decided to award the "Old Gouda" wedge of appreciation. The tradition has it that I as a person can do this. I have a list of people who I consider to deserve some of the best Dutch cheese and I do welcome suggestions.

Gautam John is starting his Wikimedia career and, he is already a CC caped crusader. He will have to wait a bit and do more good to be considered for the big cheese.


Gautam said...

Dear Gerard, thank you very much for the mention. I'm hoping I have just begun both my journeys and will wait for my Noord-Hollandse Gouda. Did I say I love Gouda? =)

Cheap Capes said...

Thanks a lot.