Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who is who at the #Wikimedia Foundation

The staff page is where you find both an organogram and the names with pictures of people who work for the Wikimedia Foundation. Many of the people are really interesting and knowing them tells the story how the WMF is seriously looking for talent and finding many people with a rich and diverse background.

While new hires are typically introduced on the mailing lists, it is of great value to have a place with a face and a story. Many staff members come to occasions like Wikimania and are introduced to the community. The thing is you forget and the staff page helps.

Thank you Google
We do not need to have an elaborate process like needed at Wikiportret to get pictures from Rob, Alolita, Dana, Ryan, Ryan or Brandon. It is a Wiki but as it is where I expect a proper introduction to these people I feel reluctant to write what I know.

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