Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#Katla is looming on the horizon for #mwhack

The last hack-a-thon in Berlin was great, except for the shadow hanging over Europe thanks to the volcano with the impossible name to spell correctly.. It had people stay longer and hack more..

Katla is the bigger sister of Eyjafjallajökull (cntrl-c cntrl-v) and it has a reputation to keep up that when the little sister blows its top, it does follow suit. With a hack-a-thon coming up in the USA, the question is not only if "documentation is not needed as the code makes it obvious" but also if European coders will get there and will get back as scheduled.

Doom scenarios have been considered:
  • taking the boat back
  • finishing university by correspondence
  • finding a job in the USA
  • all MediaWiki bugs get squashed

1 comment:

Steven Walling said...

The doom scenarios gave me a chuckle. Thanks Gerard. :)