Monday, October 11, 2010

#Photography is about exposure

It takes exposure to take a photo, and it takes exposure for an illustrator to make a name. If there is one thing we give the pictures available at Commons, it is exposure on our 250+ Wikipedias and on our "other" projects. We encourage the use of our illustrations as widely as possible. What we do not do is provide exposure to the photographers, illustrators, restorers of our illustrations.

For exposure they best go elsewhere.

This conclusion does not need to remain true. The basics for building reports that provide statistics exist; they are the statistics on each and every picture. All it takes is to bring them together and condense the numbers to highlight the work of our contributors.

Even when we provide nice reports, the appreciation of our contributors is only raised once we let it be known that these numbers exist. When we used such reports to cherish our valued contributors.

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