Tuesday, October 05, 2010

#Wikiportait does Sweden... sort of

This years Gothenburg Book Fair had #Africa as its theme. Activities around the theme were organised by the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI).

The Swedish Wikimedia chapter had a presence at the book fair and they took 410 pictures of authors.

Afrika har ordet

Lars Aronsson asked the NAI on behalf of the Swedish chapter to make their book fair catalogue "Afrika har ordet"/"Africa speaks" available under the CC-by-sa license. They have agreed to do make this source of information on 65 African authors available. They are now even considering to make the photos that they have made available as well.

The authors that are not on the NAI or on the chapter photos could be asked to provide us with a multi lingual Wikiportret project. The need for such a project seems obvious. There is a need for a developer who is willing to take on the internationalisation of this project.

There are many great authors and certainly when they have an article in any of our Wikipedias, we want to have a great picture that is freely licensed.

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