Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good news learned at the new #Wikinews

The Farsi Wikinews has been created. I visited the new wiki and a happy surprise awaited me; noticeable improvements in right to left support..

The user preferences are now beautifully alligned. The page looks as it should. It is likely to have been fixed as part of the usability initiative and attention to details like this show how valuable it has been.


Amir said...

On he.wp the user preferences have been properly aligned as far as i remember. We do have some very minor RTL problems in technical list pages, such recent changes, watchlist and previous version.

Commons is a mess for obvious reasons.

Is there still some Persian or Arabic wiki that is not properly RTL?

Steven Walling said...

I'm really glad you think that the R-L support is sufficiently improved. I think Farsi Wikinews has a lot of potential to do powerful and exciting things, especially for Iranians.

Anonymous said...

A lot of languages are left to right