Tuesday, October 05, 2010

#Mifos, #microfinancing and #Wikimedia

In the strategic considerations of the #Wikimedia Foundation, the economic ability to get on the net is not considered. It is out of scope. Microfinancing however provides money to the people that are currently outside of our reach. This may eventually have these people bring themselves in scope.

When you have seen this Youtube video, you have a clue what it is about. You have a clue that microfinance is and you have an idea where to place Mifos. When you want to know what it means in Africa, you may want to see this video as well.

They have created their open source software, they are creating their market and now they find that internationalisation and localisation is getting to the top of their agenda.

When you listen to the talk by Mr Conard, you here him talk about international clients, development but the whole subject of internationalisation and localisation ... nada. He talks about kick arse software but he does apparently not know that software and documentation in a persons native language does make them more productive.

With the initial work done at translatewiki.net, with the initial localisations committed back, more modules will come our way. There is a need for people who are willing to help with the internationalisation and the quality control of the localisation.

We wiki people want to bring information to all the people of this world. But first they need to live and accumulate wealth to have their own browser.

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