Monday, October 25, 2010

RTFI - Read The eFfing Instructions ,, :(

The biggest winner of the; the usability of many #Wikipedias and any MediaWiki installation using LocalisationUpdate. Sadly there are people who lose out. They do because the instructions of the rally insist that there is a requirement to proceed to another category of messages only when the previous category has been completed.

The purpose of the rally is to improve the usability and the usability is served best when messages are localised in this order:
  • the most often used messages
  • MediaWiki core messages
  • messages of extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • other MediaWiki extensions
The instructions are there for a reason; they ensure that the money is spend to the best effect and they ensure that participation as a contestant ensures eligibility to the prize.

Disqualifying people is bad business. It is upsetting to do. It is upsetting because we do wish people who do the work to qualify for the prize.

There is only one real winner, that is the language community the localisations were done for. Like all the other localisations they became available in all MediaWiki projects that use LocalisationUpdate.

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