Sunday, October 10, 2010

[[User:Philippe]] asks how to outdo [[Jimmy Wales]]

The moment of the big #Wikimedia fundraiser is soon to be upon us. On a mailing list, Philippe asked us to help beat Jimmy. I was getting ready to come to his defence and then I learned that the idea is to outdo Jimmy when raising funds.

At a Dutch chapter meeting we talked about it and for Flanders we have a way; have them not have to pay to an account in France ... in French. This will probably make more difference then introducing iDEAL in the Netherlands... another Jimmy beater.

One idea is to introduce royalty. Our princess Laurentien champions literacy and reading ability. She might consider saying something nice for us. With real royalty contending with Jimmy ... it would be interesting.

Flickr - The U.S. Army - Story time with the First Lady

Princess Laurentien may not have the same appeal in the United States, but given that its first lady is also championing education ... who dares to approach the most powerful woman of the world?


India is where the Wikimedia Foundation hopes to do well with its projects. It is therefore also a place where we want to well with our fundraiser. Why not ask Mrs Pratibha Patil? She may not be considered the "most powerful woman" but I bet more people know her then know Jimmy..

Ah well, it is fun to think up ways to beat Jimmy. As we do, the fundraiser will be more fun and may take less time.

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