Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Taking care of the "little" things

The English #Wikipedia has many features that help define its community, its village pump, its own bureaucrats, its barn stars. The Myanmar Wikipedia decided at the Bangkok unconference to have such novelties.

There is now a vote that will decide if Zawthet will be the first Myanmar bureaucrat. It is quite important for a community to be able to organise itself. This will strengthen its community.

Picture original at Flickr
The equivalent of a "Village well" in the Myanmar culture is very much the teashop. So it was decided to have a teashop where people can discuss, inform about all things Wiki. So now there is a teashop and it will be very much for the Wikipedia to overcome its technical issues and enjoy their tea.

Nelumbo nucifera cv Kanren

The notion of barnstars was discussed as well and, it was decided that it would be good to give a lotus in stead for those who deserve praise. Localising a great practice makes sense because it has to feel good for the local community.

As barnstars are awarded by a person, I would like to award a lotus to the people who came to the Bangkok unconference, to the people who make up what is now called the "Myanmar Wikipedia Working Group" for their wish to make their project do well and for the many great ideas that are surely going to make a difference.

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