Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new man stepping up to the plate is about localising software. Given the stupendous amount of languages we support, our aim is to make sure that our localisers can be as productive as we can possibly make them.

To keep our community productive, there is a small group of developers who ensure that the internationalisation of our projects is as good as it gets. We are happy to welcome everyone in our community but welcoming a new developer is special. Lcawte is our latest recruit and, I asked him some questions.


What got your interest in translatewiki going ?
Well, I must of clicked a link off of or something a while back and had a look around and decided to do a few en-GB tweeks and then I disappeared. I came back a while later, as someone with developer interests, looking at for a project or two I administer on Sourceforge, and then I remembered how cool was, and I decided I wanted to get involved more and partly due to being bored of waiting on the other developers of those projects to get back to me.
What are you going to do ?
I'm not sure... according to Siebrand "he can be our new staff slave" ... so basicaly whatever tasks worthy of a slave :P
Tell us a little bit about yourself
Well, my name is Lewis Cawte, and I'm often using the alias "Lcawte" or "Lcawte-wikia", I've known HTML and CSS for 3-4 years now and I run my own LAMP server. I'm a huge fan of Open Source, in particular CMS' and MediaWiki... Interesting facts: I'm a admin, at least 75% of the first 10 pages of Google Results for my name are my sites or profiles. My age has already shocked quite a few people.
What kind of kick do you hope to get out of twn ?
I guess really, its being able to work on one open source "project" and to contribute to a whole bunch at the same time..
What are your favourite MediaWiki extensions ?
  • Nuke - Great extension, I use it on Recipes Wikia, it makes deletion of spam and vandalism alot quicker.
  • Babel - Is a really helpful tool, saves alot of templates and is easy to use! I use it on all the sites I run.
  • GetFamily - I like the idea, its only just been fixed, but I think it still has some problems.
  • Renameuser - I tend to change my mind on my own wikis, and often rename my user accounts.
  • EditUser - I have a few wikis I run for me and some friends, and I often change say, their skin setting and then watch their reactions, it gets rather funny sometimes.
  • Interwiki - It is one of the most helpful extensions I have ever used..


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