Sunday, October 03, 2010

Reaching out to the #Myanmar people

On the third day of the Bangkok meeting, the "Myanmar Wikipedia Working Group" as these Wikimedians call themselves, the big topic is how do we reach out. How do we get the attention of the people. How do we achieve what Wikipedia aims to do.

Unicode is a big stumbling block, so it is important to consider how we can deal with it. Many ideas are considered, one of the more interesting is giving the internet cafes a sticker that shows to its customers that you can read and edit Wikipedia..

best practices are considered
Before such a sticker is handed over, it has to be checked that the computers do have the appropriate Unicode font installed. Setting up the right environment is a considered activity.

It turns out that Firefox has been localised in the Myanmar language. It just has not been made available to the Mozilla foundation... As this is a proper Unicode localisation, this is yet another activity.

More soon....

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