Monday, October 04, 2010

"Who is going to meet me in Dubai"

Was what WittyLama tweeted. As luck would have it, I was flying to Schiphol (AMS) as well at the same time. I had a stopover at Dubai for a couple of hours and as better luck would have it, Liam was sitting at the gate checking his email using the free WIFI. He had also just arrived so we had a swell time discussing how we could best improve on all the progress the WMF has made over the last few years.

The best luck was that we were able to upgrade our tickets so that we sat together on the plane. As we were both tired, we indulged gleefully in guilty pleasures, movies we would otherwise not see, serials that are just entertaining.

We had a great trip. The language skills of the combined Emirates cabin is amazing; so many languages even Swahili but ... no Dutch :) I had already experienced how good they are for families with small children, now we had a comfortable friendly trip that had us arrive rested for another attempt at conquering the world.

We talked about GLAM, Europeana, partner tracks at conferences, why the WMF should provide infrastructure for GLAM support, what to do as a GLAM fellow. Refugee camps and asylum centres. What Myanmar could do with a Wikisource and why we should let them... Yes, we had something to eat at Schiphol to fit all this in and, a good time was considered for all.

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