Sunday, October 03, 2010

Special events by special people

#Wikipedia is serious about fun. The #Myanmar unconference challenged people in more ways then one. One challenge was to create the first pangram for the Myanmar language. The best known pangram in English is
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

A pangram is particularly useful to test the Unicode work that is needed to improve the Internet experience. The expectation was that it would take some time before the prize of $100,- needed to be handed over. However, there were special people at the unconference and this is the result:
သီဟိုဠ်မှ ဉာဏ်ကြီးရှင်သည် အာယုဝဍ္ဎနဆေးညွှန်းစာကို ဇလွန်ဈေးဘေးဗာဒံပင်ထက် အဓိဋ္ဌာန်လျက် ဂဃနဏဖတ်ခဲ့သည်။

The genius from Sri Lanka read thoroughly the formula of the elixir of life in the Bardan tree next to the Zalun market.
The richer man
Lionslayer has listened quietly in his little corner only to come up with witty remarks. In the mean time he was busy localising the "most often used" messages.

It proved really motivating to see the localised messages arrive in production from on the my.wikipedia and on Commons.


Michael Sun said...

Thanks, Gerard.. u motivated me a lot :P a gr8 unconference.

GerardM said...

With more news on the same subject..