Thursday, October 28, 2010

The terminology for finding pictures in #Commons

As Commons has over 7 million media files each file needs to be tagged properly in order for them to be found. These pictures are tagged with categories and this makes for a deterministic approach to the material.

The only "fluffy bunny" on Commons
Categories are useful but how do you find a "fluffy bunny" except with some luck? Google is way more generous with fluffy bunnies. They look at text close to the picture and this demonstrates fluffy bunnies as a searchable subject.

We can afford for ambiguity in the use of labels. Categories are good but are pictures found as a result? When alphabet soup is associated with dyslexia, it makes for another approach to a picture that does not fit in the category system.


When the utility of Commons is considered, of prime importance is that pictures are found. Associative labels can augment the deterministic categories. When improved utility of Commons is to be a strategic choice, making it easier to find appropriate pictures is a challenge for us to meet.

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