Sunday, March 07, 2010

Better properly copied then badly designed

At present, the mobile main page for the Swedish Wikipedia is the gold standard. It has this distinction because it is where Hampton and Petter came up with the original best of breed example of how it is to be done.

I like the design; no garish colours, things are where you expect them to be. All in all, being able to copy this is a step in the right direction and, where better for me to do these first steps then on the Dutch Wikipedia

It should be easy; take the design copy it across and you are done. Sadly I am not that good at it because I have no clue why my picture moves to the top.

It is not only ugly, it wastes space on a mobile phone. Given that it uses the same templates as the main page, it is likely that some surgery is needed on the Dutch templates ... hmmm This gets me in template hell with templates within templates. In my understanding it ends here for the Dutch Wikipedia and here for the Swedish Wikipedia.

I need support from someone knowledgeable, someone who has the right bits to get this right. My objective; when I can create a mobile page, I may be able to create a mobile main page once a day and thereby get more traffic for Wikipedia. As I prefer to be lazy, I will document what I learn and be pleasantly surprised when there is nothing for me to do.
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