Thursday, March 18, 2010

More #mobile #Wikipedia news (continued VIII)

  • several new languages have their localisations in place
  • mobile Wikipedia supports the Kindle v1 and v2 again
  • language support for the Chinese Wikipedia has been improved
  • improved language support for the Serbian Wikipedia is being developed
  • work is under way to improve "image" handling this is to show images in the correct size.
  • this will be based on being able to recognise the mobile and its browser
  • some new nice statistics (all in orange) :)
  • Bellayet urges people in a status message to use the Bangla mobile interface
  • it shows well on his Opera Mini but as there is no input facility for Bangla in mobile, an article is to be searched with English redirected text, that is quite awkward
  • there is an input method for scripts in the advanced toolbar
  • Bangla is not yet supported but Bellayet will provide the necessary data
  • hopefully this can be used in the mobile interface as well

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