Monday, March 22, 2010

#Mobile app to read #Wikipedia on the #iPhone

For $ 2,99 you can "Feed your curiosity and easily read and discover Wikipedia articles on your iPhone or iPod touch".. I learned about this from an article on arstechnica. One of the funny things is that an extra application is promised when the software sells more then 10,000 copies within the next five days.. I wonder what the first day was..

The one thing that intrigues me most is where it says: "Articles allows a user to search any of the different language variants of Wikipedia and switch between languages without opening any preferences." When the software shows you the text of articles properly in Malayalam, Bengali, Chinese or Serbian it may be worth it to pay now for functionality that we hope the mobile support provided by the Wikimedia Foundation will provide in the future.

PS I love their advertisement.. the closest we come to promoting the use of Wikipedia on the mobile are the articles on my blog ..

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