Saturday, March 06, 2010

More mobile news (continued IV)

  • right to left support sadly does not work yet for the mobile main page.. 
  • maybe it needs a (div dir="ltr"> blablabla (/div>
  • it does work properly for any other page
  • WikiReader is based on Open Moko. Open Moko also produces the FreeRunner mobile phone
  • how is OpenMoko's support for the languages Wikipedia supports?
  • The Japanese are known for their love of gadgets.. I wonder if they use the optimised mobile page.. I think they don't.
  • Praveen Prakash send me annotations on the screen shot of the Malayalam mobile main page taken on an Apple iPhone
  • Praveen says: "If this happen to Malayalam, then all Indic languages are affected. Our languages and scripts are different, but very similar in script writing rules. Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada may be affected more"
Red underline: broken ligatures
Green underline: misplaced vowel symbols
Blue underline: New unicode 5.1 chillu character


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