Friday, March 12, 2010

The British Museum

Liam Wyatt, Wikipedian-in-residence at the British Museum has an awesome ring to it. When I heard about it yesterday, I did not blog about it. I am happy I did not because how awesome it is, becomes clear when you read what Liam has to say about it.

Kingdom of Ife exhibition
When you visit the website of the British Museum, you will find so many gorgeous images, images from all over the world, from so many era, from so many cultures. You have access to their 1,500,000 objects in their collection database, you will find that they are working on an on-line catalogue..

One way of learning how HUGE the British Museum is, is by looking at the map. Another is by going there, you are spoiled for choice and there is too much to take in. Reserving a day for the BM is just not enough.

Liam will be Wikipedian-in-residence and, it is awesome. He will have five weeks and I am sure that he can only scratch the surface.

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Filceolaire said...

Cool. I was lucky enough to be based in the Museum for over a year when I was working on the Great Court project. It's still the project I'm most proud to be associated with.

I still work in the area so maybe I'll see you some time while you are here.