Thursday, March 11, 2010

Indonesian story cloth there for you to enjoy

When Durova started her work on the Indonesian story cloth for the Tropenmuseum, we knew that we could not show it in all its glory on Commons. It is just too big. In real life it is 15 meters long, the TIFF is 992,4 MB.

Converting it to PNG would reduce its size. JPG compression would make it even smaller but the image would lose much of its appeal if it is to be reduced to less then 100 MB. At this size it would still be unmanageably big.

Djatoka in action
Enter Djatoka, this open source application provides you with the ability to view incredibly big files in a manageable way. I am really grateful to the Los Alamos National Laboratory for hosting the story cloth for us in Djatoka.

Have a look and, enjoy.

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