Saturday, March 27, 2010

#Monuments on the map

Bergen is a small town in the Netherlands. And it has many nice old buildings, some of them are even earmarked as "cultural property". According to the The Hague convention (1954), such properties should not be damaged in a military conflict and are not to be used for military purposes..

In the Netherlands we call them "monuments", they are buildings of any type: churches, bars, farms, bridges... They are typically tagged with the blue and white shield.

Monuments in Bergen NH
There are public lists of Dutch monuments. These found their way into our projects and as this information comes with geo-location, it was an obvious next step for Multichill to produce an overlay with monuments for Google earth.

This is an obvious first step to visualise what monuments need pictures and articles.. Given the success of previous cultural heritage projects, this new ambitious project will generate lots of fun.

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