Friday, March 26, 2010

Freely available and value added information

Representatives of #Wikimedia chapters can be found at more and more conferences. We even have our own conferences.

Today I was asked by Mathias who is at the EVPSI public launch in Turin, if I know this document. The document was new to both of us, and it informs the world that the documents of the European Commission can be freely reused.

I had a brief glance and it mentions "value added" a lot, I read this as you can use the information commercially. I wonder however in what way Europe is served best. Good quality, open information available for free or such value added services.. I am inclined to think that as long as one is not in the way of the other it would be fine.

Then again, I expect that such commercial services will want to prevent free quality information and will abuse arguments that they provide a service already and that it is a waste of taxpayer money when the EU provides a high quality free service as well..

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