Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best blogging practices

I was asked to write what I consider best practices for blogging. Before you start blogging, it is important to consider who you do it for; what it is you want to achieve.

My blogging is aimed at achieving goals I set myself. As the visitors to my blog are from the whole world, I write in English but I do provide a translation service in order to widen the appeal.

People are sloppy readers, pictures are typically better understood. Use few words and many illustrations. Restrict yourself in a blogpost; not more then one message is to be preferred. An unfamiliar or new message needs repeating; most people do not "get it" in one go.

Your message, your objective is a composite of many smaller parts. They are related and these relations allow you to vary your approach. In a way, you put on an act, but the act has to be sincere because you will be associated with your writing. I aim to achieve things but when I write in a negative style, people will resent both me and my objective.

Some of my most effective blog entries are written by others. Other people allow you your success anyway and, as success has many fathers, it is best to acknowledge them and thank them. Their success is your success.

In order to blog successfully, you have to blog often and be brief. It helps to be on aggregators to tweet your new blog posts and know what your audience read and where they are coming from. Oh yes, spend time on your hyperlinks.

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Cooooooooooool. thanks Philippe! lol