Friday, March 26, 2010

Monuments and the Dutch #Wikipedia

When the Brits and the Ruskies invaded the Netherlands in 1799, they fought and lost the battle of Bergen. Much of the fighting was close to the ruins of a church that was fired during the Dutch Revolt.

This church is earmarked as a monument, and given that Bergen is a really nice town, it stands to reason that more monuments can be found in that area. At this moment I have a map of Bergen with one monument..

On the Dutch Wikipedia there is a heritage project that evolved from a mill project. The members of the project are ambitious and want to have articles and pictures of all Dutch monuments. They want high quality data and they want to put all monuments of Bergen on the map as well.

When you are that ambitious, it makes sense to involve the Dutch chapter and, learn how we can do this effectively. Yesterday there was a meeting of interested people brain storming, planning how to make this a big thing .. This story will be continued..

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