Monday, March 01, 2010

Restorations are powerful tools

One of the major advantages of digital material is that it does not deteriorate. Much of the collections in museums, archives and libraries are not digital and they do deteriorate. This is why many GLAM's are digitising their collection.

Digital material can be manipulated and as photoshop and gimp have the potential to change it beyond recognition. For digital restorations it is crucial to maintain the link with the original digital copy and also to maintain the link with the original material. In this way provenance is provided.

Building and maintaining a great relation with for instance the Tropenmuseum, has many components and at that digital restorations have a place. It can be used as a present when you first meet. It can be restorations as a thank you for making material available. It can be restorations of images the partner considers relevant and, it can be to celebrate an occasion.

The restoration of this original picture featuring Queen Wilhelmina at the opening of the Royal Institute for the Tropics by Durova is to celebrate its centenary, and show our appreciation for their work and the work of the Tropenmuseum.

There are more museums celebrating their centenary this year and, we will consider giving them a digital present as well..

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