Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Dutch local elections

Last Wednesday we had local elections in the Netherlands.. In times of recession it is often that the right radicals do well. This time the name for the party is PVV, "partij voor de vrijheid" or "liberty party".

More people then usual voted in my home town.. Sadly the results were as they are. One bright point that day was the cartoon Sigmund by Peter de Wit. He often includes the "Burkaatjes", they are always good for a chuckle.
Well, she is not wearing a scarf
Today Mr Wilders went to the UK to promote his pov. In a way all this is good; it is democracy in action. He showed his film to an audience of 60 people. Sadly he got a welcome with press conferences, mounted police. Things that make him look relevant. If he was left to stew in his own juices, there would only have been the 60 people..

On a lighter note, I would like an illustration for both Peter de Wit's and Sigmund's article in Wikipedia..


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