Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CLDR 1.8 has been published

The Unicode Common Locale Data Repository 1.8 has been published and, it is a celebration of the Afrigen project. In all, over 150 volunteers gathered locale data for 72 African languages, with data for 54 of those incorporated into the CLDR 1.8 release. 41 of these languages are completely new to the Unicode CLDR project while 13 others existed in earlier versions of CLDR and were enhanced with additional data. These languages are spoken in 26 countries across the entire African continent.

The CLDR itself contains data for 186 languages and 159 territories: 501 locales in all. Version 1.8 of the repository contains over 22% more locale data than the previous release, with over 42,000 new or modified data items from over 300 different contributors.

Information for a language in  the CLDR is considered a prerequisite for support in applications like OpenOffice. Given that supports 325 languages and the CLDR only 186, it is sad to realise that many of our languages suffer from a lack of basic language support.

MediaWiki has been updated in r63857. This resulted in 18 new and 56 updated records for the languages we support at

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