Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#Wikipedia articles without #illustration

On the Spanish Wikipedia there are articles without an illustration. Usuario:Emijrp did embark on a project to put them on a list. This list called the "Imágenes_requeridas_por_zona" contains the geo codes necessary to find the subjects of these articles.

The list that Emijrp created with a bot represents our current technology. It represent a lot of hard work but sadly there is little chance of Dutch Wikipedians on a holiday in Spain taking the requested pictures. When we have a map of the world with all the articles in need of (more) illustrations, we would leverage existing technology. Existing technology like OpenStreetMap..

We need a project manager for map integration. It is not only about illustrating articles with maps, maps have other uses as well.


Ole said...

It really is not that difficult with the right tools. On the Danish Wikipedia, we are lucky to have the creator of http://findvej.dk/ as a contributor. He created a map of Wikipedia articles (http://findvej.dk/wikipedia), and after that a map of Wikipedia articles missing pictures: http://findvej.dk/wikipedia?nopic=1

GerardM said...

It may be not difficult, but we do not have map integration in MediaWiki. The Spanish do not have it, I expect many more do not have it and it would be a boon.

emijrp said...

Wow Ole, that is amazing. Can that be done for Spanish Wikipedia? Also, using OpenSTreetMaps (that are free) would be better.

Jan said...

And for swedish wp you have http://perf.ect.nu/coordwithoutpic/