Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A token of appreciation

At the annual Dutch chapter meeting, I was presented with a token of appreciation for my work with the Tropenmuseum and GLAMs. It was suggested to me that the voucher had sufficient value to get a quality print from a quality picture. As might be expected, I asked Durova to help me make a choice.

"Big Foot's camp after Battle of Wounded Knee;
U.S. soldiers amid scattered debris of camp"

This picture is probably the most significant digital restoration our community has so far performed. It shows Wounded Knee, three weeks after the massacre. This picture is already a "featured picture" but for the occasion Durova had another go at it.

There is less glare on the snow, there is a little more contrast on the blankets and the bodies, it does not darken in the right edge and, the sky is still looking good despite the changes in contrast.

It is a disturbing picture, it is however our best demonstratation that a digital restoration not only makes for a better illustration but also adds value to the original material. It is now known what this "debris" consists off.

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