Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good news and bad news; #Wikimedia strategic planning

Werdna pinged me that my problem with the strategic planning process has been solved. It took a concerted effort by several of our best and brightest developers to come up with a solution.

The good news is, indeed it has been fixed. The bad news is, I now have 318 new messages to read.

Should I try and cope with such a load of data that no longer represents the current thinking. What is a good stategy out of this potential time sync?

PS LiquidThreads IS a great tool !!

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eekim said...

Philippe reads his new messages from the bottom up, which is a good way to triage your messages. I limit the number of discussions on my watchlist and go to those pages directly, thus limiting my "New Messages" to pages I wouldn't necessarily go to on my own (such as Philippe's talk page).

I think the best practice of all is to make sure large threads are well-summarized. We're trying to do that, but it would be great if the tool could do more to encourage that kind of behavior.