Saturday, March 06, 2010 statistics

Every month Siebrand prepares the group statistics in time. These statistics show how five key categories for MediaWiki localisation are doing in time.

This month we added support for one more language; there are now 327, one more language achieved over 98% coverage for the "most often used languages", for the 90% of the core messages things stayed level at 82 languages, and for both the 90% of the "extensions used by the WMF¨ and the 65% of the "extensions" there was one language less that achieved this goal this month.

These statistics show how we are shooting at a moving target; in the project:news and on twitter you will regularly find a message of new messages that became available for localisation. They are one explanation why these numbers grow ever so slowly another is that when a language is added, it becomes harder to raise a percentage.

In the group statistics you find details like the languages who can boast an effort that keeps their language completely localised. You can also find the 165 languages that are still struggling to complete the "most used messages".

These statistics do not really tell the story of It does not tell how happy we are with the recent Swati, Yoruba and Hausa effort, we think that this reflects in the traffic statistics for these languages. It does not tell you that on the first day of the localisation for WikiReader it was translated in 19 languages in 17 hours and that currently over 39 languages are completely localised for Wikimedia mobile.

These numbers do not tell you what is most important; in translatewiki we have a vibrant, hard working community that makes a difference in other projects.

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