Sunday, March 28, 2010

The new #Library

The new library of #Almere opened and it made me feel comfortable and at home. There are plenty power adapters, places to study or play, read or lounge. There were many festivities, and Ronald Giphart was invited to give a workshop on writing and publishing a book.

The one thing that surprised me was that an author does not decide the title of his book; the publisher does. The cover and the title is decided by the publisher and, this is also true for translations.

Ronald wearing a headscarf

By coming to Almere, one of the bastions of right wing local ineffective politics, Ronald runs the risk of being charged the 1000 EURO "kopvoddentax" or head cloth tax.. He demonstrated his willingness to wear the headscarf so he must be willing to take the consequences...

Ronald's Wikipedia article is found to be lacking. Sadly I did not bring my camera, the article misses a portrait that does do him justice. The article itself does not do Ronald justice either; on his website the biography part explicitly informs the reader all that is wrong with the Wikipedia article.

Ronald got blocked when he updated his Wikipedia article, I told him about OTRS and Wikiportret. We could consider it an experiment; will the facts as provided be read by the Dutch Wikipedians and will they do good or is it necessary for Ronald to go through to the motions...

PS I told Ronald that I would just use one of his pictures for my blog.. he told me that that was OK for the occasion,

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