Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More mobile news (continued V)

  • the new Bengali mobile main page has been configured
  • a comment in bug 22730: "Though I would care to point out, that I fear that few mobile devices will be capable of the Bengali character set... Unfortunately..."
  • I called Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and Google to ask if they can support the languages we support in Wikipedia
  • it is not a question to ask when you are located in the Netherlands
  • Siebrand twittered two days ago: "One month ago, #Wikipedia #mobile had 88 supported languages (35 90%+). Now 104 languages supported with 59 at 90%+ #translatewiki #L10n"
  • as there are only 25 messages, full localisation is called for because all the messages are in your face
  • currently there are 52 languages fully localised and 11 languages with one message missing (i.e. 96%)
  • the product Wikimedia mobile is read only and currently only works for Wikipedia
  • how do you get your preferred script when a Wikipedia has multiple scripts like the Serbian and the Chinese language Wikipedia ?

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