Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I do not participate in the Wikimedia Strategy project

Here is why; when you are to be involved in a strategy project, you need the best of breed tools to communicate. The best tool for the job is Liquid Threads. It is a great tool and I am satisfied with its use at

I am satisfied because even though we use the latest and greatest of this software, I can live with its occasional hiccups. It works well for us. We get regular updates and necessary fixes take at most a couple of days.

My 310 strategic new messages
At strategy, there have been no regular updates and as I still cannot properly read my "new messages". I have lost interest. Strategy is broken and I prefer practical work; improving and promoting the support for Wikipedia on the mobile phone, getting the localisations for the next release of MediaWiki to all MediaWiki wikis, learning how to support images that are too big for a screen and getting support for the languages of the Indian subcontinent.

LiquidThreads will get fixed on the strategy wiki eventually but when will I know..
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